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Choose your perfect wedding shoes

I’m sure we’ve all seen, at some point, those moments on the cat walk when the leggy model wearing shoes like skyscrapers wobbles and falls.  Now, I know that no one in their right mind will opt for wedding shoes like those. makes this very funny point: ‘Pick wedding shoes that will allow flexibility, wear ability and most importantly stability! The last thing anyone wants is a black eye from your shoe flying off mid-way through the ketchup song.’
In this blog, I’m looking at different styles and heels with some top tips to help you decide.
So – what are the best shoes to buy?  Your style, the style of your dress and what you find most comfortable are key factors.
Start with your dress.
What is the fabric? 
Floaty, soft chiffon? High narrow heels, or needle sharp stilettos, may catch and snag as you move.  Worse, they could sneakily spike the fabric when you are sitting down, so when you stand all you hear is that awful ripping sound.  Medium heels or flats are ideal.
What is the style?
Full length:  go for a shoe style that you find most comfortable.  The lovely Claire says: ‘My piece of advice is don’t worry too much about your wedding shoes.  They won’t be seen and the most important thing is that they are comfortable.  I am a shoe-aholic, but decided not to spend hundreds on my wedding shoes that I would only wear once; instead I bought a pair of ivory sandals that were the perfect heel height for my dress to fall just right and now I don’t feel guilty that I’ll never wear them again.’
Short:  A bride-to-be I’ve met on Instagram says:  ‘My wedding dress is a tea length from a charity shop, so to jazz up my bridal look I’ve got statement shoes.’  And why not!  High heels are beautifully elegant and really flattering to the leg and ankle.  They complement and complete the over-all look of fabulousness! Again, comfort is key – choose your statement shoes with the heel height that you are most accustomed to wearing, or that you feel you can wear all day without pain.

TOP TIP: It’s not a bad idea to have a pretty back-up pair that you can wear in the evening for dancing when your feet and ankles are aching!
Next – what is your style?
Do you wear six inch heels at work?   How do you feel at the end of the day?  Does your back ache?  Do your ankles and knees ache?  Bear this in mind when shopping for wedding shoes.
Perhaps you usually wear flats.  Princess Diana’s shoes were often flat and always elegant!
And I have also seen funky, sparkly sneakers on Pinterest!
Celebrate who you are with shoes that you absolutely love!
 Next – your venue.
Beach wedding:  There are some beautiful ‘naked’ sandals available.  If you are having dancing at a venue later, you can always dance in bare feet, or have some pretty dance shoes ready.
Church wedding: The aisles in some old churches can be uneven, despite any carpeting.  (I was wearing high heels, slipped on uneven flagstones and broke my foot. My pride and dignity did not do well!)  A medium court heel would be a more secure option.
Highly polished or stone floors at your venue :  These can be slippery.  Make sure you know what to expect before you buy your shoes.
Next – the price
If your budget will allow for pricy designer shoes that are simply to die for, go for it!  However, if you have to be more careful about the cost, have a look at high street stores; you may find lovely shoes that are exactly what you want.  Some brides also shop on Ebay for nearly-new wedding shoes at knock down prices.  I have to say this would not be my first choice but it can be worthwhile.  Make sure the seller will accept returns if the shoes turn out to be unsuitable.
Finally – the season
Peep toe shoes, or open toe sandals are fine for summer.  Winter wedding shoes would be more comfortable (and warmer) with closed toes.
Don’t forget that in hot weather, your feet will naturally swell, so be careful about buying close fitting shoes in winter for a summer wedding; they may pinch and give you blisters on a hot day.
What if it rains?  Leather shoes will fare better than satin if you have to walk anywhere in wet or damp weather.  One bride I know had a very pragmatic solution; she walked in Wellington boots to her village church door and then quickly slipped on her wedding shoes.
There are lots of websites and blogs that have great advice plus links to wedding shoe specialists – have a look at the ones that caught my eye.
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