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Choosing your Colour Theme for Spring/Summer 2018

Getting married in 2018?  How do you decide what your colour theme for your wedding is going to be?  Does the season influence you? – perhaps russet reds and oranges for autumn, white and silver for winter, yellow and white for spring, champagne and gold for summer?
Pantone have released their colour palette for Spring and Summer 2018 and in this blog I’ll walk you through what trends are suggested.
By the way – Pinterest is a fantastic resource for colour theme ideas – you can spend hours and hours, so if you want a short cut, here’s a link to my Pinterest board for lots of ideas of beautiful colour combinations.
The London Fashion Week is a good indicator of colour trends for the year and the Fashion Colour Trend Report is a key resource.
The Pantone colour of the year hasn’t been released yet – for 2017 it was ‘greenery’ –  but their spring and summer palette contains 12 strong colours with great names such as Ash Rose, Nile Green, Blooming Dahlia and Spiced Apple. The Report says:
‘Unique shades for the London runway convey themes of energy, sophistication and serenity. There are multi-dimensional and grounded hues, while others exude a vibrant breath of fresh air. The color story is wildly divergent and we see a kaleidoscopic bounty of uplifting shades and feel-good tones. That doesn’t mean that we don’t continue to look for more neutral or classic shades. Whether on their own or providing the landscape for complex color mixes, core basics are an essential for any season.
Along with this recognized freedom to explore and experiment with more color, fashion, and the people who interact with it, no longer want to feel limited by traditional color guidelines. Gender and seasonal borders continue to be non-issues when it comes to color. Untypical spring shades that make for complex and original combinations, communicates the consumer’s desire to experiment with color all year round without any restrictions. The color story for Spring 2018 is a perfect reflection of this new sentiment.’
The way I read it  – pretty much anything goes!  Whatever you choose, it will be an expression of you and your character.  Traditional pastels and colour combinations like lavender and white, or navy and pale pink, will still be popular – but stronger colour combinations could be stunning too.
 Judith Ng has some great palettes on her website – have a look!  Some of the colours she puts together would work better for interior decorating than weddings, but that’s my personal view – and there are others that are gorgeous!  It comes down to personal taste and what works for you.
When choosing your colour theme, think also about the flowers that will be in season and whether you will be able to find the right flowers to match your theme.
I’ll be writing another blog soon on flowers, how to save on cost, and what meanings they have, so sign up for emails and I’ll let you know as soon as it’s done!
For now, have fun exploring colours and colour combinations – your fiancé is sure to have a view, as will your chief bridesmaid and your mom!
Remember – it’s about YOU, what will look good against your skin, and the personal tastes of you and your fiancé.






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