Planning your wedding – 4 essential steps to get you started!

Just got engaged?  Awesome!  And now you are both at the start of considering what you want for your special day, and getting down to planning wedding essentials and, perhaps, those extra special touches …  Scary, right?  But so exciting!

 When my daughter got married, she, being one of those über organiser types, hit Pinterest, went to wedding fairs, did all the research ….. I was one of her team, came up with ideas for her to consider, and otherwise did as I was told!

So in this blog I am imagining that I am organising a wedding and starting from scratch – and if that’s you too, let’s do it together!  Today, I will focus on 4 wedding essentials to make a start on planning a truly wonderful day.


1  Invest in a planner! 

You can get some really pretty ones on Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, your local stationery shop … or you can make your own!  All you need is a lever arch or clip file, some subject dividers, some pre-punched lined paper for notes and some poly pockets for any samples that you gather along the way.


2  The Date   

Is it possible to organise a wedding in a few months?  Absolutely!  However, you will have to take into account availability of venues, church and vicar or civil Registrar, and whether your guests will be given enough notice.
So, in discussing with your fiancé the sort of wedding you would both like, consider a general time or season – spring, summer, 6 months time, a year’s time … The actual date can be settled once you’ve had conversations with those other folk I’ve talked about!


The budget

Having a ball park figure in mind is a good starting point.
  • What is your preferred maximum spend – have you got savings you can use? will you need to take out a loan? what repayments can you afford? Be careful about going for the cheapest option on anything – all too often you get what you pay for!
  • What is the absolute maximum you can afford without being laden with debt for the rest of your married lives and having to live with your in-laws because you can’t afford a mortgage?
  • Who pays for what? Can parents help at all?


 The essentials

     For any wedding, there are essentials and non-essentials and deciding what is most important for you and your fiancé is key.  Everything else, budget allowing, is a bonus.
I love lists!  Here’s one for your planner…
  • The Bride             Dress, veil (if you decide to have one), shoes, lingerie, ‘going-away’ outfit, hair dressing
  • The Groom          Smart lounge suit
  • The Rings
  • Bridesmaids and flowergirls – how many and who?
  • Groomsmen    Best man, ushers – how many and who?
  • Flowers             Bride, bridesmaid, corsages for mothers of bride and groom and for special ladies like grandmothers; boutonnieres /buttonholes for groom and groomsmen, fathers of bride and groom.
** Fresh flowers or artificial flower bouquets and boutonnieres? or a mix of both such as fresh flowers for the bride and groom, and artificial flowers for bridesmaids? The costs, season, your preferred colours and availability will all play a part in making your decision
We have a range of  bouquets, pomanders and boutonnieres using silk flowers, foam roses and  dainty paper hydrangeas so do pop along HERE and have a look see.  
  • Transport         Getting the bride to church/ceremony on time and then taking the happy couple to the reception.
  • The ceremony – Religious or secular?
  • The guests    –    How many?  Who are ‘must invites’? Friends of the couple, friends of the family, who you can avoid inviting… who you absolutely will not invite (this is your day, remember!).  Lots of calming breaths might be needed – it is amazing how tricky deciding a sensible, affordable guest list can be!
  • Invitations –      Printed or email?
  • The reception – Buffet or sit down meal?
  • Champagne –    or sparkling wine? This can be for toasts only – wine and other alcohol can be considered at a later time, when you are working out your reception details.
  • The Cake
  • Gifts for bridal party – Maid of honour/chief bridesmaid, flowergirl, mother of the bride, mother of the groom.  (I suppose that, strictly speaking, gifts are not absolute essentials – but I really think that something small and intimate is a great way of saying thank you to the people who have played an important part in your life and in supporting you in this momentous time in your life!)
  • Photographs – A professional photographer is ideal, but if money is tight, get friends and family to take photos


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Let’s do this!